Our Story



We dig a little deeper

Blinkvintage vintage eyewear store came out of our passion for the quality craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Glen Murphy the founder has a background in bespoke tailoring and appreciates the go-slow culture in all objects and works of art. He understands with all the team at blinkvintage that all things of quality, beauty, and meaning should never be rushed. 

The blinkvintage collection of true vintage eyewear is from a time when quality, style, and durability was of the utmost importance. Craftsman, designers, and engineers worked together to create beautiful objects with longevity in mind.

Travel and discovery are always worthwhile in so many ways and after the discovery of  'New Old Stock' never worn vintage eyewear. Blinkvintage are extremely happy to bring out of the darkness and into the sunlight this wonderful collection for everyone to admire.

There was a time when you didn't have to consider quality. Unfortunately, in today's disposable culture, you don't have that luxury. We feel privileged to present products that have such superior quality and design that they have already stood the test of time.

We dig a little deeper and our obsession to discover vintage frames, assures you of authentic, vintage quality eyewear.

Core Values

We are a small company that does not want to conquer the world but we do take responsibility for our part in the world. 

In a world of mass-produced, throw-away consumerism, we celebrate quality over quantity. 

At BlinkVintage, we firmly believe that a move away from mass-produced goods will help protect the planet for the next creators. We face the challenges and ask the difficult questions on how we should live and add value to society.

Our Promise To You

We take pride in what we do and will always provide relentless customer service to make sure your experience with BlinkVintage is one of a kind. When the music is quiet and cool but the coffee is strong we do our best work.

But at the end of the day, we do make mistakes and when we do we are transparent,  we admit it and explain why.

We then pay for our mistake with a gift for our new and loyal customers of great value.

We are so confident that you’ll love our products that we offer a 30-day replacement plan.

Our Vision Is Brighter Than Ever

We are building a small community of like-minded people who appreciate quality over quantity. We help you find the perfect piece of eyewear for your unique personality.

Become one of our first global 1000 BlinkVintage Members By The End Of 2019.

Join the community to receive some great offers but also to push back a little or slow down the present throwaway culture we now find ourselves.