Does Style Trump Fashion?

Posted on April 19 2019

An interesting question or can they coexist? And how different are they in real terms? Let’s dig a little and see where we find ourselves. In a cigar-smoked filled room, in a Gentlemen’s club with comforts that have stood the test of time or maybe we’re in a new, ice-vodka bar achingly cool capturing the zeitgeist but, for how long? Style, fashion, classic, modern – what’s the definition?

As side note - we feel a certain Mr Trump is not a man of style and we use the word trump with a wry smile!

In essence fashion is something that comes and goes and moves in cycles. Beatles-style haircuts of the 60s, the elephant-legged jeans of the 70s or the power dressing of the 80s. Popular, fleeting, fashion-moments, for all.  But style is distinctive, special, and moves to its own rhythm using fashion in new creative ways.

Style, you could say -  has longevity while fashion is flighty and fleeting. A case in point, British music legend the great, late, David Bowie. Throughout the decades, Bowie explored every type of fashion you could possibly imagine. At times, he dressed like a punk. At times, he dressed like a yuppie. On other occasions, he dressed like an alien or even a dark fantasy prince. He dressed like a woman and even like a 50s greaser.

Bowie played with all the possible fashions from the 19850s to the millennium. Yet, what really defines him is his STYLE. Whether he was wearing an 80s show outfit or 70s Glam Rock attire, he always maintained his amazing, unique style. Other style idols come to mind. Think of people like screen icons, Sophia Loren or Steve McQueen. they never followed the trends and were never bound to the fashion of their times, because they had style.  You could still wear their looks today such is the timelessness of style. Unlike style, fashion is here and then it’s gone, often mass produced, cheaply made and totally disposable.

At Blink Vintage, we believe in style over fashion. Our products respect the craftsmanship, quality and durability that are at the basis of eyewear that will last forever, in terms of quality and style!

So even though we kinda’ already had our minds made up it does not mean it is not worthy of further in-depth inquiry. For many, fashion will always trump style, especially from the point of view of profit, but we think that’s a discussion for another day but for sure, it’s a debate worth having. Watch this space!

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